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Human Immunodiagnostics

human immunodiagnosticsMidland BioProducts Corporation (MBC) is a primary manufacturer of polyclonal antiserum and calibrators for the turbidimetric (TIA) immunodiagnostic assay industry.


Animal Immunodiagnostics

animal immunodiagnostics Bulk antibody reagents and calibrators are available for application to a number of immunodiagnostic assay techniques for evaluating dairy cow and horse immunoglobulins as immunoturbidimetric methods (TIA).


Contract Production

contract productionMidland BioProducts Corporation (MBC) offers a custom contract antibody production program utilizing your own antigen in our USDA licensed facility.

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Founded in 1987, Midland BioProducts Corporation is located on 90 acres of farmland in Boone, Iowa. We are a manufacturer and supplier of polyclonal antisera and specific plasma protein calibrators and controls.
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